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BroadGNSS : Things To Know For The Preparation Of A Tender (RFT Update)

BroadGNSS : things to know for the preparation of a tender (RFT update)

New version of the Request For Tender (RFT) documents was published on the 27th of May.
Watch out for the changes!!!

Changes in the tender documents to make it more simple

 Some sub-objectives are now “nice to have” and not anymore mandatory
 The Independent and impartial subcontractor for Technical Validation is not required in Phase 1.
 The independent and impartial subcontractor may be subcontracted by several consortia/joint tenders.
 Changes in the composition of a consortium: more flexibility to add new members
 Sufficient information to describe how each Sub-objective will be achieved” refers to the final fulfilment of the defined requirement. Final fulfilment can be reached during a live deployed system.

Changes in the scoring model to make it easier to pass:

 The scores to reach have been adapted. The cumulative minimum to reach have been lowered for the sub-objectives.

How to find a partner?
Have you searched or registered your company in the partnering tool?
Attend our special session on the 5th of July in Brussels on Tendering Preparation

companies may not be able to address all sub objectives. We still encourage you to lead preparation of a tender, even as a sole tenderer. Minimal details are needed to reach most of the cumulative minimum thresholds for objectives/sub-objectives that may not be your core competence. Details should be provided in your tender if you intend to bring partners to fulfil those sub-objectives  in later phases. 

Details can be elaborated during the Design phase if your tender is successfully selected.

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