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The BroadGNSS Open Market Consultation Begins!

Press Release, April 2021 The BroadGNSS project started in December 2020 and involves five partners from five European countries: the buyer’s group (France, Finland, Estonia), PSCE (Belgium) as the coordinator, giving its expertise in strategic procurement management and OHB Digital…

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Celebrating 112 Day!

It's 112 Day! In 2019, Europeans called ‘112' close to 150 million times, which represents 56% of all emergency calls, while in the last 10 years, some 1.5 billion calls were made to the number. When a caller dials 112 from their…

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BroadGNSS 1st practitioner workshop in Finland

On the 11th of February, the BroadGNSS team starts a series of practitioner workshops to carry out a requirements validation to inform the definition of our common challenge, considering the opinion of public authorities across Europe. The first workshop is organised…

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