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Open Market Consultation Activity

In preparation for the BroadGNSS PCP request for tender, an Open Market Consultation (OMC) with potential tenderers and end-users will be held to hear the views of the market about our scope.


The purpose of the OMC is to canvass wide stakeholder opinion on the suitability of the BroadGNSS PCP. The OMC will be an essential part of the preparation to find solutions to our BroadGNSS Challenge. With the market consultation, the consortium will get an insight into the market; the state of the art and future developments in order to prepare an adequate procurement with the right and feasible scope.

Open Market Consultation (OMC)

The BroadGNSS OMC Webinar was organised on 2 June 2021, attracting more than 50 participants.

In this event we presented :

  • General Introduction
  • EUSPA Perspective
  • The main features of PCP
  • Overall Presentation & Specific Objectives
  • Our online Survey

The presentations can be downloaded below :

A video recording of the event can be found here :

Finally, the BroadGNSS questionnaire was introduced to interested suppliers who had the opportunity to fill it in before the end of June 2021.

The full set of questions are available by downloading a PDF document available here:

This open dialogue has been announced through the OJEU, using the TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) web Portal in English and French.

Please, find it following the link: BroadGNSS PIN. which is modified by Corrigendum here

The output of the OMC will give a broad insight into the current state of the art of the BroadGNSS proposed system. It will allow contributors to give feedback on what technologies should be included in BroadGNSS, where they see the biggest technical challenges and what more information should be shared in order to make scope of the challenge clearer. The results of the consultations will be fully documented and taken into account in order to detail the tender specifications. Contact us if you need further information regarding the Open Market Consultation or go through our Q&A.

Participation in Open Market Consultation

The Open Market Consultation is explicitly not part of any pre-qualification or selection process in the BroadGNSS PCP procedure. Any company may participate in BroadGNSS’s Open Market Consultation (OMC). Participating in the OMC is free of any engagement and will never lead to any obligation between the group of procurers and your company. (Non) participation by a company will neither exclude this company from future tenders nor will it have any influence on its opportunities.

All data provided by a company will be handled confidentially, unless statutory obligations demand the publication of this data and/or the company agrees with the publication of the provided data.

All ideas submitted by industry will be treated as Commercial in Confidence. No part of these will be made public. However, relevant insights (shared openly by industry during the various OMC events) are subject to publication and may be used by procuring entities to shape future strategies. Information from this market consultation may differ from information provided in a future procurement.

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