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The Pre-Commercial Procurement Process

The primary objective of the project is to procure application solutions to:

  • Enable a European / Galileo based solution for time-synchronisation in the future public safety organisation’s mission-critical wireless broadband networks,
  • Improve the quality of time-synchronisation in public safety organisation’s communications networks,
  • Enable a European / Galileo based solution for secure and highly accurate location and navigation information for public safety organisation’s mission-critical wireless communications equipment,
  • Enable a European / Galileo based solution for secure and highly accurate time synchronisation of public safety organisation’s used mission-critical “Internet-of-Public-Safety-Things” (IoPST /IoT),
  • Enable a European / Galileo based solution for secure and highly accurate location information, navigation information for public safety organisation’s drone fleet management,
  • Improve the (independence) autonomy of non-European technologic solutions,
  • Create a set of solutions that can be migrated to a broader commercial use as well as upgraded to a more specific use with the Galileo PRS signal.

The BroadGNSS PCP consortium has received a grant of €3.6Million from the European GNSS Agency under Horizon 2020 (Grant No. 101004213), of which €2.5Million is reserved for the procurement of innovative solutions to exploit the distinguishing features of the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), Galileo signals and operational advantages in downstream public safety applications.

The Pre-Commercial Procurement process consists of three clearly defined phases: Phase 1: Solution Design, Phase 2: Prototype Development and Phase 3: Pilot (see graphic below). In each of these phases, there is significant budget available for suppliers to support their work. The total procurement budget for BroadGNSS is approximately €2,5 Millions from the European GNSS Agency under Horizon 2020 (Grant No. 101004213).

Phase 0 – Open Market Consultation

The BroadGNSS team will hold a dialogue with potential suppliers to understand the status of what innovation capability is available to address the BroadGNSS Challenge. This process will help the BroadGNSS team to prepare and refine the Request for Tenders, which is expected to be launched in October 2021.

Phase 1 – Supplier Selection and Solution Design

This phase comprises of 3 sequential steps involving the launch of a Request for Tender, evaluation of tenders and award of the successful suppliers, and contracting these suppliers to provide designs to address the BroadGNSS-Challenge.

Phase 1a – Supplier Selection

A Contract Notice and public procurement process will be carried out to select multiple teams of suppliers to work in competition to find the best solutions. Suppliers will have approximately 4 months to prepare their tenders, commencing from the launch of the Request for Tender, until the tender submission deadline.

The BroadGNSS team will evaluate the submitted tenders and invite a maximum of 10, and a minimum of 4 supply teams to enter into a Framework Agreement for the duration of the PCP, and a Specific Contract for the Solution Design Phase.

Phase 1b- Solution Design

Supply teams will have roughly 6 months to submit their designs to BroadGNSS. This includes both the design of the solutions themselves and the proposed approach to test and validate the prototypes and pilots.

The BroadGNSS team will evaluate these designs and award Specific Contracts to a minimum of 3 supply teams to develop prototypes.

Phase 2 – Prototype Development

Suppliers will be given approximately 11 months to develop their prototypes and testing evaluation capabilities. High levels of technology readiness will be expected, with the aim to achieve TRL8 during the Pilot Phase.

The BroadGNSS team will  evaluate the tested prototype and award a minimum pf 2 supply teams Specific Contracts to further develop their prototypes for the final assessment of TRL8 pilot solutions.

Phase 3 – Pilot System

Supply teams will have approximately 9 months to implement, test and develop their TRL8 pilot solutions. These pilot systems will remain in service for at least 3 months to allow for evaluation by the BroadGNSS team.

Phase 4 – Commercial Procurement

Full procurement of a solution to the BroadGNSS challenge is expected to be made.

During the BroadGNSS PCP, our procurement team will seek to join the BroadWay PCP team for the formation of a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC). This organisation will become the single authority for procurement and conformance of final live pan-European mobile broadband for Public Safety, to which the BroadGNSS solutions will be added.

NOTE: Phase 4 is not within the scope of BroadGNSS and is subject to the availability of further funding.

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